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Today's Benefit using Cosmetic Product Consulting

You may be experiencing a myriad of challenges and roadblocks hindering your cosmetic product development process. Currently, the cosmetic industry forecasts supply chain issue will increase by the end of this year into 2023 minimally.


We hear from our clients every day who state, what was manageable in the past, today has become a daunting task. Today’s business challenges are visible and felt across all markets with no end in sight, and these surmounting challenges greatly affect operational efficiency.  

The following lists are some of the challenges and their impact on business we hear about each day. 

Listed below are some of the top business challenges in 2022 and into the foreseeable future:

  • The covid pandemic affecting the global business climate continues  

  • Unpredictable global supply chain hindering demand

  • Hyper-Inflation

  • Rising interest rates

  • Lack of supplier and manufacture responsiveness

  • Unstable pricing 

  • Employee retention and labor shortages

  • A change in employees adopting a “quiet quitting” attitude. Quiet quitting means an employee will do what is minimally required but nothing more 


Do today’s business climate challenges create a negative impact and are you experiencing any of the below symptoms as a result? 

  • Requiring more human resources for each product development project?

  • Project stagnation due to poor or lacking supplier/manufacturer response?

  • Unexpected price increases or price fluctuations throughout the process?

  • Supply chain and production assurances missing deadlines? 

  • Long standing relationships with contract manufactures eroding.

  • Increased product development costs such as samples, product development fees and shipping?

  • PPU compared to end user pricing diminishing profitability?

  • Employee frustration?

  • Lack of customer service or customer first responsiveness throughout the cosmetic supply chain?


Today’s cosmetic product development challenges are mitigated and managed by our team intended so you can Focus on your Core Business Objectives. Caution: reading further below might put you at risk of improving your company’s profitability and effectiveness.


Neo-Bio Structured Solutions (NBSS), a business-to-business cosmetic product development consulting company. Our professional team contains years of proven end-to-end cosmetic product development expertise. Our established industry relationships contain a foundational go-to list of reliable and responsive contract cosmetic manufacturers, formulators, chemists, and suppliers. Our relationships made available to our clients remove the predictable unpredictability of cosmetic product development.


Clients who leverage our cosmetic consulting service, experience an immediate positive impact on business functionality and profitability. Our clients range from individuals, celebrities to multi-million-dollar branded companies. Our client success results from our systematic and structured process delivering proven outcomes designed to meet or beat our client’s expectations. 

Neo-Bio Structured Solutions turnkey cosmetic PD consulting services highlighted below:

  • End to end cosmetic product development solutions

  • Vetted manufacturing solutions to efficiently address a variety of our client’s needs

  • Start to finish Supply Chain Management

  • New or Existing (Benchmark) Product Development Expertise

  • Ingredient and Product Research and Development

  • OTC, FDA, Clean and Certified product development, and testing

  • Negotiate and typically reduce contact manufactures new product development fees 

  • We have removed the product time to market roadblocks. 

  • For new budgeted product concepts, the ready to market finished product timeline is 16 weeks or less. For benchmark and revised product needs, the product is ready for market in 12 weeks or less. 

  • Negotiate preferred discounting with our contract manufactures usually below an individual approach due to the volume we drive into their business 

  • Manage product development from initial concept to customized formula (or mirrored formula benchmark), samples and feedback, testing, ordering, lead times, production, finished product assembly, and up to and beyond finished product delivery 

  • Utilize our packaging, individual product boxes, labeling, and marketing business services developed and in place for our clients.  


Our Fees: We do not charge traditional up-front consulting fees and receive no compensation unless a product is approved to go into production. This is a statement of confidence and assurance our mission is to get your product right as quickly as possible as we do not get paid on an unsuccessful outcome. Any fees earned are through preferred volume discounting we negotiate with the contracted manufacture. We build in a small percentage into the discounted Price Per Unit but the final price per unit maintained to be at or below our client’s expectations. We provide the anticipated price per unit in the early stages of product development and only proceed forward with a client’s approval. 


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