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Moisturizers are a must for skin care and with so many skin types and product choices, we pay close attention to detail and see the latest science-backed ingredients.

Once a product and its claims are known, we start with the desired claims and work backward systematically to achieve a clean, safe and effective product that stands-out from the rest

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Our Moisturization Product Development Metrics

Our Moisturization Formulation Best Practices

  • Glides effortlessly on the skin and feels silky when applied

  • It contains a safe and clean ingredient that creates a protective barrier on the skin that locks in moisture and keeps out environmental irritants.

  • It contains natural moisturizing molecules that help penetrate the outer layer of the skin and are responsible for doing the work of moisturization. 

  • It should be highly absorbent and lightweight almost melting into the skin

  • It should produce immediate relief of skin dryness and tightness

  • It should be fragrance-free or have a very light fragrance to enhance the experience. 

  • It should contain only the very best clean, safe, and effective ingredients that when synergistically formulated together effectively address the skin as intended.  

moisturizer should never:

  • Feel Oily

  • Leave film

  • Overwhelm the senses with fragrance or clash with perfumes or other fragrances

  • Feel greasy

  • Irritate the skin

  • Feel too thick or heavy when applied

  • Be used without checking the ingredient label and verifying its contents

Anti-Aging Market Ready Products Available in: Serums, Creams, and Lotions 

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