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  • How do we protect our customer company and product information
    After an initial discussion with a customer and they desire to proceed to further explore our services and abilities, we or the customer provides a NCNDA or NDA to be completed prior to exchange of any confidential information.
  • How do we protect confidentiality beyond the customers we engage?
    We of course have known and established ingredient, manufacturing and other vendors that are instrumental to our product development process. We have active NCNDA's or NDA's with each company we use or engage with who are involved in our product development process.
  • How long does it take to create a custom cosmetic product from start to completion?
    The first formulation of a product requires an important exchange of information, clarity and attention to detail. Assuming communications are responsive and the information provided clear, a turnkey product solution typically can be ready for market in 60 days. For subsequent orders of an approved and formulated product where an order has been placed and the downpayment received typically is ready in 30 - 45 days.
  • Will our products be made in the US?
    Our company, team and vendors are located in the United States. 99% of our our formulas and vendors are located in the United States. On occasion, we have a request for a product or formulation better served with one of our known international vendors but we advise our customers of this from the start knowing the importance to the majority of stating Made in the US.
  • What if I have a number of questions that are not addressed in your FAQ page?
    We welcome your questions directly by email or by phone. Our FAQ section is for general questions but when it comes to your business and products, direct communication is the best way to serve you and provide the detailed answers you need and require. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns or comments. We believe questions are: The highest level of engagement Demonstrates curiosity and inquisitiveness Opens the mind to new possibilities and information Generates new ideas Generates creative solutions Helps encourages a higher level of understanding Questions addressed create a higher level of new questions The advantage of asking questions is obvious and we submit, there is far more that can be gained than lost from asking questions.
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