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Anti-Aging Formulas 

Neo-Bio Structured Solutions stays abreast of the latest ingredients and technologies to produce some of the very best anti-aging serums, lotions, and creams backed by continuing education, research, and product development best practices. 

Staying on the leading edge of safe and top-of-category effective ingredients is why we have created top-selling formulas within highly sought-after brands for our clients. 

Natural Beauty Products
Natural Beauty Products
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Anti-Aging Product Development Expertise 

Anti-Aging ingredients and the overall formula we create and manage must be:

  • Safe

  • Rated Clean

  • Clinically Effective 

  • Contain sustainability

  • Contain consistent quality

  • Proven to penetrate the Stratum Corneum

  • Contain the most advanced anti-aging activities available

  • Science-Based

  • Gluten-Free

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty-Free

  • Allergen-Free

  • Free of parabens, urea, BHT & BHA, urea, and phthalates

Formulations we have successfully completed for our clients all come with the following claims individually or in combination: 

  • Significant increase in skin elasticity

  • Significant increase in skin collagen

  • Significant decrease in wrinkle size

  • Significant decrease in skin redness

  • Stimulate expression of collagen type-l in human fibroblasts

  • Stimulate expression of elastin in human fibroblasts

  • Stimulate expression of fibronectin in human fibroblasts

  • Antioxidant properties

  • Antipollution properties

  • Blue light protection

Anti-Aging Market Ready Products are Available in: Serums, Oils, Moisturizers, Creams, and Lotions.

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