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Hair Care

Though the hair care market in the US is around 20 billion, there is still room for innovation and differentiation. 

We have created new formulas and revised existing formulas successfully for our clients a number of times and out of the gate proceed with a safe and effective mindset for each formula we create. Additionally, we know the importance of being spot-on in nailing a fragrance if desired, which is most often the signature of the brand. 

Our hair care product development services are sought after and engaged by our clients for a wide range of differentiating needs and marketing claims. We create products for brands from the simple to the complex. 

Wet Hair
Glamorous Portrait
Liquid Shampoo

Hair Care Product Development Abilities and Protocols

Hair-Careingredients and the overall formula we create and manage include:

  • Safe

  • Rated Clean

  • Clinically Effective 

  • Contain sustainability

  • Contain consistent quality

  • OTC and FDA-regulated formulas including minoxidil

  • Products sold on Amazon to the most luxurious established brands

  • Contain a signature fragrance 

  • Gluten-Free

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty-Free

  • Allergen-Free

  • Free of parabens, urea, BHT & BHA, urea, and phthalates

Formulations successfully completed for our clients come with the following claims individually or in combination: 

  • Significant increase in tensile strength

  • Significant increase in hair growth

  • Significant decrease in breakage

  • Significant increase in volume

  • Provides thermal protection

  • Provides curl retention

  • Promotes smoothness and shine

  • Provides frizz control

  • Antipollution properties

Hair-Care Market Ready Products Available: Shampoos, Conditioners, Scalp Treatments, Hair Masks, Speciality Vegan Collagen ingredients, Minoxidil based formulas, and customized fragrances 

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