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Face Focused

Putting your best face forward is accomplished with a consistent facial skincare routine. Your face is typically what is first seen and creates a first impression.   

Today science-based plant-based biological innovations allow topical formulas to achieve outcomes that once only were available by invasive cosmetic procedures such as injections or medical device applications. 

Our primary focus is staying on the leading edge of cosmetic biological innovations to design the very best safe and most effective facial formulas.  

Facial Treatment
Face Sheet Mask
Facial Cream
Woman Applying Face Cream

Designing face first formulas

  • We focus on selecting optimal safe and proven ingredients for each formula used in a skincare regimen. 

  • We set out to implement the very best bio-designed vegan proteins for performance and purpose.

  • We use sustainable ingredient technologies that offer a powerful package of benefits.

  • We focus on our designed formulas to produce their intended results, such as:

    • Face and pore cleansing

    • Effective exfoliation

    • Skin firmness

    • Skin moisturization

    •  Derma-collagen synthesis

    • Cellular regeneration

    • UV light and overall skin protection

    • Antioxidants

    • Increased skin elasticity

    • Wrinkle reduction

    • Reduction in skin redness

    • Spot reduction

    • and more

  • We create our formulas with vegan, pure, clean, and sustainable in mind.

A number of formulas we have created for our clients have been the number one top seller year over year within the products available in their established brand. Our formulas address each area of the face overall, or for targeted applications. 

Our Available Market-Ready Formulas:

  • Serums

  • Creams

  • Oils

  • Exfoliants

  • Cleansers

  • Scrubs

  • Moisturizers

  • Facial lift

  • Bio-Cellulose Eye Masks, Face Masks, Chin Masks and Neck Masks 

All are available as designed or available to be customized.

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