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Welcome to our pallet of creative cosmetic product development solutions


Our years of cosmetic formulation in conjunction with our manufacturing partners instantly bring the expertise you have been looking for. We listen first and then collaborate to establish a product starting point.


We provide consistent reporting and feedback during each phase. Our accurate reporting and feedback provide the necessary information for you to optimally guide and oversee the project at the corporate level throughout the project development process.  

Our Turnkey Product Development Services Include:

  • Concept Development:

    • Custom Cosmetic Formulations include science-based R&D throughout the formulation process working directly with known and proven chemists, formulators, and industry experts 

    • Direction and visionary collaborative involvement begin with our customers relying on their valued input that contributes to providing an organized and efficient cosmetic product development process 

  • Products created in collaboration with top cosmetic industry providers, who contain the following certifications and registrations:

    • FDA/OTC Registered Facility

    • GMP Certification

    • Regulatory Compliance and Certification

    • Including Parabens Free, Non-GMO, Soy Free, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan certified manufacturing standards

  • Off-Shelf Formulations and Customization

    • An extensive library of thousands of off-the-shelf formulas is available to choose from

    • Our unique strategic partnership with proven cosmetic manufacturers gives a client an unlimited amount of options 

  • Samples and Testing:

    • Batch test samples are provided pre-production until you approve 

    • Standard and custom testing available

  • Manufacturing and Production

    • Upon sample approval, we move the formula into production 

    • Our manufacturing partner sets the production in motion from fill to palletizing and everything in between.


      We strive to provide our customers with the most compelling product development experience possible. We are known for producing some of the best-finished cosmetic products in the industry and our services often contribute to a healthier bottom line.    

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