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What can our cosmetic consulting services do for you?

Welcome to our pallet of creative cosmetic consulting solutions.


Our years of Cosmetic Formulation experience and expertise obtained, are available to you through Neo-Bio Structured Solutions consulting services.


When our consulting services are utilized, we become an invaluable extension of your business. As your consultant, we always listen first and then collaborate to establish a product starting point.


Though our consulting services manage and facilitate your cosmetic development project from start to finish, we provide consistent reporting and feedback during each phase. Our accurate reporting and feedback provide the necessary information for you to optimally guide and oversee the project at the corporate level throughout the project development process.  

Our Turnkey Product Development Consulting Services Include:

  • Concept Development:

    • Custom Cosmetic Formulations including science-based research and development (R&D) throughout our formulation process derived through working directly with known and proven chemists, formulators and industry experts 

    • Direction and visionary collaborative involvement begins with our customers, as their valued input helps us to organize and manage an efficient customized turnkey product development solution 

  • Products created are created by our experienced and vetted top cosmetic industry providers, who we require to minimally contain the following certifications and registrations:

    • FDA/OTC Registered Facility

    • GMP Certification

    • Regulatory Compliance and Certification

    • Including Parabens Free, Non-GMO, Soy Free, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan certified manufacturing standards

  • Off-Shelf Formulations and Customization

    • We are able to bring to you an extensive library of thousands of off-the-shelf formulas to choose from

    • Our unique strategic partnership with selected cosmetic labs allows us to offer a mermaid of proven cosmetic formulas that can be used as is or used as a base to further customize

  • Samples and Testing:

    • Each project we manage includes one of the most important aspects of a cosmetic product, which are samples throughout formulation development provided without delay until we achieve your approval. 

    • Each product once approved is fully tested including microbial testing.  

    • We do mark up samples, testing, or shipping but we do always attempt price reduction each and many times to achieve this objective, which we pass directly onto our customers.

    • We negotiate sample pricing (if there is a charge) and any additive product tests if requested. Once we have a firmly negotiated price, we will invoice you at the negotiated rate dollar for dollar. We do not mark up any items during the product development process. All shipping costs for samples are paid by the receiving party or arranged by the receiving party's shipping account number.  

  • Manufacturing and Production

    • Our manufacturing provider's cosmetic labs or contract manufacturers are selected based on quality, consistency, response time, and customer-first stance.

    • Once a product is formulated and meets your approval, we have already worked with you on production to include fill, containers, tubes, hot pours, labels, or silk screening and packaging.  

    • We have multiple proven options available for producing an approved cosmetic formula from turnkey operations to assembling single source formula containers/bottles/tubes to label and silk screening solutions and assemble to seamlessly provide a turnkey solution.


      At the top of our goals and objectives is our desire to provide our customers with the most compelling product development experience possible. We are known to deliver some of the best price/performance products in the industry and our consulting services are designed to be a major contributor to your bottom line. 

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