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A new approach and solution to cosmetic product development 2022

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

To achieve cosmetic product development with the least amount of time, effort, and money, systematic product development procedures and methods are essential.

Have you considered professional turnkey Cosmetic Product Development Consultants (CPDC)?

Why should CPDC be included in your product development consideration?

What if you could find a trusted solution that could manage your cosmetic product development needs in a turnkey fashion and at the same time improve your bottom line?

Problem: Discussion Points:

  • If you have internally carried out a completed cosmetic product development process, you might agree that it can most often is a drain on human resources and a lengthy distraction from core business needs.

  • As shown in the Workflow Product Development graph below, between product start and product launch, the maze of touch points may multiply or have you going around in circles, possibly never exiting to a completed solution.

Workflow for Product Development

In a perfect world managing a completed product development process is daunting, frustrating, and simply a major challenge. However, nothing is perfect, changes are inevitable and the changes over the last several years add numerous roadblocks to the product development process.

What are the roadblocks in 2022 and some of their side effects?

  • Supply chain issues, energy costs, inflation, and price increases all have had a devastating effect on product development efficiency across the market.

  • Business - Business customer response and service. Systematic unresponsiveness to emails, phone calls and follow through.

  • Quality of services, packaging, and product care issues becoming more frequent.

  • Today, your time to complete a product development project exponentially requires more time, capital, and resources that seem to be increasing daily.

  • All put together: Circuit Overload

So, with all the challenges and changes, what remains the same?

  • Your business goals and objectives

  • Your customer and increasing brand awareness to grow your customer base

  • Product innovation to accommodate and increase consumer interest

  • Reducing your product development time-to-market

  • All the reasons why you are in business and the product brands created, and your desire to give the very best experience to your customers.

How can using a proven cosmetic product development consultant can offset a multitude of product development challenges?

  • The right cosmetic product development consultant (CPDC) knows your formulation is the physical DNA of your brand.

  • They have the ability to revise or create new formulations that become a unique product that gives your customers a more immersive experience.

  • They are an extension of your business requiring only essential input and oversight from you to bring a product to life.

  • They have experience and understanding of the marketplace combined with established relationships create a layer of options and backups not typically available to a singular approach.

  • They free a company up to concentrate on the core business thereby increasing organizational effectiveness. In other words, a good CPDC increases a company's flexibility and chances of arriving at a successful outcome.

Neo-Bio Structured Solutions

About: Neo-Bio Structured Solutions is an experienced professional and growing cosmetic product development consulting company. We slightly touched on product development challenges and current-day issues affecting each step taken. We are approached daily by clients who are stalled in the product development process and are looking for a way to break out of a closed-loop within the process. Our consulting solutions immediately transform the cosmetic product development process into one of organizational effectiveness, flexibility, and process optimization.

Call to discuss we can add value to your company, brand, and customers when our cosmetic consulting services are implemented into the product development process.

We welcome and encourage you to respond to this blog with your experiences, stories, challenges, and yes even solutions. We hear and feel the frustration daily which is ever-increasing and shared exchanges many times produce solutions worth considering.


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