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CBD Infused Cosmetics

As professional custom cosmetic product developers who formulate with natural and organic ingredients, we are approached on a daily basis to create formulas with CBD or other Hemp based cannabinoid compounds. Our expertise on Hemp derived compounds and the use in cosmetics or nutraceuticals is based on science and CBD research and development.

The advancements of processing hemp into its various molecules has significantly contributed to the ability to use cannabinoid molecules in either water or oil based cosmetic formulas. Per our view and the view of top market predictors, the CBD infused Cosmetic market expects an estimated compound annual growth rate (CGAR) of 25%, through 2024 and beyond.

However, the only thing holding this significant growth factor back is current FDA regulations that restrict the cosmetic and nutraceutical market from making claims on CBD or on other hemp derived compounds. Even so, the significant growth factor stated in the previous paragraph takes into account the current FDA regulations, which slightly curtail market growth but only slightly slow market momentum.

This said, regulations are sometimes important if they serve the consumer and when claims are allowed, these regulations done right provide guidance for consumer safety and effectiveness.

While we are in this place of CBD (Cannabinoids overall) no-man's-land, consumer education is the first line of defense when consuming or applying a CBD based formula. As importantly, product developers such as ourselves and manufacturers need to implement best practices in design and production of CBD infused products to ensure go to market products provide ingredient and testing transparency that is understandable and available to the educated consumer.

If you've read this far into the blog, we would like to provide a couple points that may help you in choosing a product that contains CBD or other cannabinoids.

When you buy a product that contains CBD regardless if it is to consume or apply topically, please verify the following on the label or on the associated supplier or manufactures website:

  1. Does the product contain Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD? Why?

    1. Full Spectrum CBD includes many of the cannabinoid compounds of the hemp plant, including up to 0.3% THC.

    2. Broad Spectrum CBD contains all the same compounds as full-spectrum, minus the THC.

    3. Take away, Full Spectrum has traces of THC up to 0.3% which is Federally regulated and of importance to understand for the No THC consumer who would then verifiy the product contains Broad Spectrum CBD. Both are available to sell in the market but the choice is the consumers.

  2. Does the product containing CBD provide a link or information to a Certificate of Analysis (COA)? A COA is issued by a certified testing lab that not only should be made available when researching the brand but also as a document integrity insurance policy the lab should be stated and the COA should be available of their site. If not, documents can be altered by a number of means and ways, if integrity does not lead the way.

    1. What is in a COA?

      1. The COA is a report after testing a specific batch of a product available to purchase.

      2. Most often you would want the COA to be a full panel test to include:

        1. Verifies amount of CBD and other cannabinoids and if Full-Spectrum shows the level of THC. If no THC is present or it will indicate Non-Detect noted by the letters ND.

      3. Water Activity (If within acceptable limits it will receive a PASS or ND. A test of any item above the limit of quantification will not be marked as PASS. This applied to all items below the are contained in a COA)

      4. Residual Solvents

      5. Microbials

      6. Pesticides

      7. Heavy Metals

      8. Foreign Matter

    2. Any of the above that does not contain the word PASS, it is a product to avoid.

As stated, the education of the consumer is sometimes the most difficult to get across based on busy lives and so many choices, however it is most important as a last line of defense prior to a purchase commitment. The consumer being educated allows them to filter out the bad in order to consider the good.

So in this blog category we will on occasion stair step more information that we hope helps the consumer make the best decisions prior to purchasing a consumable or topical product.

Until next time, best health and best wishes,

The Neo-Bio Structured Solution Team

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